Monday 1 November 2010


Recently there was a new dating site launched for self-proclaimed ‘ugly’ people. The site even has ugly in the web address, as if it is not hard enough to go on dating sites or meet people full stop; this one has to spell it out that you are in an unfortunate niche group. On the positive side, as a result of this site, a couple in England recently announced that they are due to wed after a series of dates. Apparently, they deemed themselves too ugly for the norm – the man even goes as far to say that his face scares children – and never thought they’d find love until this new mecca for the aesthetically challenged. So after four dates and a mutual love of junk food and TV, they’re getting hitched. Ugly or not, I’m thinking they might want to give it a bit longer to see if they share more in common than a love of Mountain Dew and a bag of monster munch. But I suppose we all I have the same odds when it comes to hitching our trains to forever-ville.

I suppose sites like these are inevitable. We seem to love putting ourselves in a variety of little boxes, especially when it comes to packaging ourselves in order to meet people. Although it’s kind of depressing that one would consider themselves so ugly that they would need a special site in which to enroll. I mean, look around you, we’re not a world of Brad Pitts and Angelina Jolies. The majority has scars, imperfections, lumps, bumps and eccentricities that life heaps upon us in great supply. And thank god for that. Besides, when it comes to one's looks, I’ve always thought beauty was subjective and never really subscribed to the ‘normal’ version of beauty. I mean, one man’s diamond is another man’s lump of coal, is it not?  

This couple that is due to wed goes on to call themselves ‘great personalities.’ I suppose that if you thought you were so deficient in the looks department you would work very hard on your personality.  That of course works conversely as well, as there are certainly many 'beautiful' people that get incredibly lazy when it comes to carving out their characters and are walking wankers with nice smiles. Which of course in my book makes them far from attractive. In fact, when I meet someone that is ugly on the inside, it is almost impossible for me to notice his or her looks. In my eyes, they suddenly have this flashing sign above their head that blinks, BIG FAT TOOL in very big letters. 

Trust me, sometimes it’s very amusing being inside my head.

The funny thing is, I suppose there are those out there that consider themselves ‘ugly,’ and perhaps are not society’s beauty ideal, and then those that think they are the next Brad Pitt, but definitely are anything but. And to go further with that ball of ironies, there are also those that are beautiful but so lacking in the confidence department that they think they’re ugly. So you see, I think we need to throw the definitions out the window, they're not helping anyone.

Often I think it has nothing to do with looks, but boils down to how one carries themselves and what they put out there. I love when I meet individuals that transcend looks, they simple are, and you can feel their life force and confidence from about a mile away. It simply oozes from their pores in everything they do, how they carry themselves, dress, talk etc; they are simply utterly self-possessed in the best possible way. Then there are those where looks don’t even come into it, like um…Bill Gates for example. He’s no pin up, by the standards at large, and yet, he’s Bill Gates. You’re not even thinking about his looks as one is usually so at awe by the man’s intellect and unparalleled success. I suppose this is where achievement comes in. It’s just so pretty and alluring. And trust me, you don’t need a dating site if you’re ugly as a pig but heavy in the wallet. Sad but very true.

Actually, I think I just hit upon the next site to be – pig ugly but hideously rich. Sometimes I’m just full of good ideas.
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