Friday 29 October 2010


There is a news station in East Texas that recently asked its viewers to call in and discuss the hot topic of the day. Their intellectual, resonant question of the day – will homosexuality be the downfall of America? It is astounding to me that in 2010 we are still wading through this quagmire of ignorance and idiocy. How about this for a hot topic – why are East Texans still so incredibly unintelligent and shortsighted? 

Okay East Texas, this one is for you.

Firstly, why is everyone acting like homosexuality is some new ‘affliction’ as opposed to what it is, a sexual orientation that dates back as far as ancient Greece. And one would think that since then we have evolved; sadly, it appears that we are going backwards. The ancient Greeks did not look at sexual orientation as a ‘social identifier,’ as we have done for the past decades. Sexual desire was desire, plain and simple, no matter whom it was directed at, and in my opinion, that’s the way it should be. If Susie floats your boat on a Monday and Jeff on a Friday, who am I, or anyone else for that matter, to tell you which is more normal, acceptable or permissible. It’s your life, your bedroom and your desire – go forth and get funky. As usual, my new mantra fills in nicely here, eyes on your own paper, people!

So, I’ll tell you – in my humble opinion of course – what in fact will be the downfall of America: our refusal to look at our past prejudices and learn from them. If our atrocious history of enslaving other human beings didn’t spell out that differences are just different and we should not fear them or try to eliminate them, then I believe we are beyond help. I’d also like to know how on earth one’s sexual orientation is contributing to the erosion of society? Homosexuals – like heterosexuals – pay their taxes, have jobs, college degrees, drive cars, live in houses, raise children, kiss their mothers, vote, and breathe just like us. But I’m certainly not here to convince those who simply can’t wrap their head around another human making a different choice than themselves.

What I think East Texans should be worrying about a lot more is the amount of hatred and negativity that is spewed into the cosmos from idiots out there who still want to place people in boxes of what is deemed normal or abnormal. And trust me, I’m putting fifty bucks on the fact that the reporter himself who read this story on the air has enough skeletons in his ‘normal’ closet to dispel the notion that any of us are actually ‘normal’ anyway. My normal will always be my neighbor’s abnormal, and so on.

The other thing that amazes me – although does not surprise me – is that homosexuals are getting the wrap for just about every ill that plagues this country. Talk about heaping unjustified blame on the wrong group. How about this country is going to hell in a hand basket because people are uneducated and refuse to understand that there is a big wide world out there and we are not the only players. How about parents are no longer parenting their children, they are leaving it to computer games and television to do the dirty work. How about our media perpetuates ignorance, fear, and shortsightedness that lead humans to view other humans as the East Texas, how about worrying about the important things how to raise your IQs? Just sayin....
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