Friday 11 May 2012


I figured today, since there are so many good stories in the news today, we’d do a bit of a blogging potluck. It’s Friday after all.

For starters, Jet Blue is in the news yet again due to a commotion on one of their flights. Apparently, this time an employee told a family of three, of Middle Eastern descent, that their 18 month old was on the no-fly list, and they would have to leave the plane. YES, an eighteen month old. I’m not even sure how the employee built up the nerve to go and deliver such an asinine statement to the parents of this toddler. “Hi there, it appears your child has been going to teething camp in Yemen and peed on the seat the last time she flew with us, so she will have to hit the tarmac, pronto.” Seriously, if I were that employee, I would have opted to bathe in the airplane toilet then deliver that gem of information.

Jet Blue apologized for this oversight - god I wish I was in the room when their PR team was discussing how to handle this one - by blaming it on a computer glitch. Fine, computers screw up (not as much as humans, I can assure you that), but whatever happened to good old fashioned common sense? You see a name, you match that name to an eighteen month old who has a vocabulary of about four words and is still trying to chew the airplane cushion; what about that child says imminent terrorist threat? The parents of course were utterly humiliated and opted not to take the flight, accusing the airline of racial profiling due the mother in question wearing a hijab. In this instance, I have to say, I’m with the parents on this one. I would've taken my hijab right off and thrown it at the stewardess. Then again, I would've let the King do it, he likes swatting things these days.

The other story that caught my eye was Bristol Palin slamming President Obama on her blog (god it makes me feel dirty sometimes to call myself a blogger) for changing his mind on same-sex marriage. Cause apparently a grown man and leader of the free world can’t see common sense and change his mind on an issue. Fine, the jaded side of me finds it curious that our President changed his mind (or defined it finally) on the issue of gay marriage during an election year, but that be said, I’m glad the man finally saw reason on an issue that has been tediously discussed and re-discussed. Get over it people, the change is coming, like it or not.

Apparently it was after the President discussed it with his wife and kids, that he was enlightened to the fact that all citizens in America deserve the same rights. Thank god for family, eh. Well, Bristol Palin – the beacon of propriety and intelligence – says that this change of heart just won’t do. According to her, in her ultimate wisdom, President Obama should not listen to his family, as they in essence, do not know what they’re talking about when it comes to the sanctity of marriage; and he should be a father and not a friend and lead these ill advised individuals to the drinking pool of wisdom. Oh the irony! Isn’t Miss Palin the same person who had a child in her teens - out of wedlock I might add - with a man who has recently tried to get into the porn industry? Not to mention, she went on Dancing with the Stars. That right there is enough for me to never listen to this individual again.  

Yes the news cycle never fails to disappoint.

Happy Friday. 

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