Monday 14 May 2012


I’m one of those people that loves anticipation. In fact, I think it should be bottled like a non-smelling, emotive perfume and spread throughout the world. Cause let’s be frank, anticipation is not only a very tangible thing, but we as humans need anticipation. It’s that little something that is always on the horizon reminding us that we are not stagnate, or if I can be so blunt, that despite the far off destination of death, we always have things to look forward to, damn it! I suppose a Buddhist would say anticipation is not very zen, but then again, always being in the now is just tedious. Yeah, I said it.

At the moment, I have several things I’m anticipating – and I’m not talking about the little things like: sleep, dinner, or sunshine – although any of those things would be very welcomed, first and foremost the sun, as I haven’t seen it in about two months (I wish I were kidding). Before I continue, let’s be clear, I’m also not talking about the everyday anticipation, such as how I feel before my morning coffee – although that is not something to scoff at. I’m talking about those things you painstakingly plan (or phone in a rush job, whichever you prefer) during the year and look at your calendar like a drooling Labrador cause you know how badly you want the day to come (Heinz Ketchup gave anticipation such a lame rap. Seriously, it's Ketchup. Who cares).

Before you start thinking, oh this poor woman is setting very high expectations for herself, I must remind you that I’m also part jaded cynic, so that takes care of being defeated by the event in question not living up to expectations. You see, thanks to my writer's brain I run through every possibility and scenario that could occur (although there have been some definite surprises along the way) and that way all my bases are covered. If it’s great, even better. If it kind of sucks, well I’m sure I can find a silver lining in there somewhere – cause my amusement is all in the details.

So, on the topic of grand anticipation, next week my husband and I (I’m getting better at saying that, aren’t I?) are off on honeymoon. And the anticipation I feel for that short blip in our lives is keeping me up at night – then again, what doesn’t? In short, I’m so darn excited to escape to a sunny climate with no King in sight (sorry Muffin, but mamma needs some serious adult time with her baby daddy) that I have already packed my bags. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but I’m pretty darn close. So, needless to say, my palpable anticipation is what is getting me through the fact that I wake up every night at 3 or 4 in the morning and then have to chase the King around from sunrise to sundown.

You see why anticipation is so important?! But, as I said, being a realist, I’ve also told myself that if for some freak reason the place where we are going experiences some unseasonal typhoon, I will roll with it. In fact, I will more than roll with it. I will take my stack of books and magazines, park it on a huge soft comfy sofa like Jabba the Hut (hopefully this is not how I look in a bikini), watch the rain and marvel at the fact that for five days, I have nothing to do but decide which SPF to put on (I promise mother it's 30 plus).

Happy Monday. 

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