Thursday 3 March 2011


Apparently Charlie Sheen has the lost the plot. It’s hard to miss it these days, as he seems to be conducting an interview every five minutes with any one who will have him on. And of course, on those interviews he comes out with gem after outrageous verbal gem such as - "I have the brain of a 10,000 year old man and the boogars of a seven year old." He also calls people maggots, spews about his violent hatred for those he dislikes and happily boasts about his polygamous lifestyle with two porn stars that he calls 'the wedge.' Oh, I’m sorry, only one is a porn star. The other is a model and a nanny - but of course she is. He is on the drug of ‘winning’ apparently. He’s on something that’s for sure.

The funny part is, throughout some of his ranting and ravings there are definite moments of lucidity where the man actually makes sense. When he is lambasting his ex bosses that he of course has pledged a holy war against, he does have a point when he asks why his personal life is any of their business. His defense, as explained by him of course, is that he shows up to work on time, does his job, gets amazing ratings for the network – ratings that seem to go up every time he goes on some porn and drug fueled bender – and all in all does the job that he was hired to do. So in his opinion, if he wants to start a porn academy and smoke crack all day, that’s his prerogative.

I suppose it begs to question, if someone is actually doing their job and is making your company over a billion dollars (which he did), is it the employers business if the employee likes to play with blow up dolls at home and pop vicodin like jelly beans? In this case, the problem appears to be the profile of the situation. Every time Charlie does or says something it is reported across the world. Astonishingly, even when he is arrested for brandishing knives at his ex wife, or hurling unbelievable expletives at people that work for him, or even taking his ex, mistresses and twin boys on holiday to Barbados, people still tune in. Cause as we all know, we are a car crash culture. People are simply waiting to see what he will do next and what is going to come hurling from his mouth.

Of course, the innocents in all this are his children. They will of course grow up and Google their father and realize that his lifestyle made Hugh Hefner blush and drove them into therapy. In fact, I’m sure even Keith Richards is watching in awe at the amount of illegal substances Sheen consumes. And the fact that one of the mothers of his children smokes crack too, well I’m thinking that won’t help matters. I shall of course use all this in the future to remind the King how lucky he has it, especially when he tries to tell me that I’m embarrassing him. Thank you Charlie. 
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