Friday 4 March 2011


Don’t you love how every day has its own feeling? Call it a general tone or an atmosphere if you will, but every day of the week has always felt like it serves up a different energy. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all metaphysical on you and start burning incense – not that you could smell it – but it is a well known fact that each day feels a bit different than the one before, and thank god for that. I bore easily.

Monday is obviously the juggernaut of emotional energy. You merely have to say the word Monday and people groan, roll their eyes, mutter under their breath…start crying (the really emotional types). Songs have been written about dear ol’ Monday because it has simply got the power – you don’t hear a song about Wednesday now do you? As well, people always seem to start things on Mondays, being the new beginning thing and all, cause when it comes to the week it is kind of the rip off the Band-Aid day when one is thrown back into their lives and apparently can make a fresh start. It’s good to have hope.

Tuesday is like the best friend of days. It’s reliable, not too flashy, and yet, sometimes you find that Tuesday is the dark horse just waiting to break out of the gate and surge to the front. Monday got you ready, and now of course Tuesday is going to kick your ass and make sure you are good and awake. And don’t sell Tuesday short, some monumental things can happen on a Tuesday….'Black Tuesday'. Need I say more? 

Wednesday is traditionally known as hump day. Obviously due to its position in the week, you have made it half way, hurrah!! Only a few days left until you can let your hair down and party like it's 1999 - or do whatever it is that strikes your fancy. To me, Wednesday has always felt like the stepchild of Saturday night. It’s got spunk, it gives people that sense of hope that the end is near, and people usually convince themselves that going out on a Wednesday is perfectly acceptable. In fact, for some, hump day has almost become the new weekend. It's so rebellious like that.

Thursday is another one of those quiet ones that you are never quite sure what you’re going to get. Often it even gets mistaken for Friday. How many times have you done that? "Oh cr*p I thought it was Friday." Poor Thursday must have a real identity crisis. But I've always liked it for its understated strong silent thing. Thursday doesn't need the attention. It can handle it.

Then there’s TGIF, yes good old, let's get this party started Friday. The goalpost, the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, the glimmering North star that says, you’ve made it people, now ring that bell, take that stupid suit off and start getting up to no good! Go on, you’ve earned it. Or of course, if you’re like me, you can simply melt into the sofa and say ooooooooh thank god, Daddy is home to help with the King! Friday can also pride itself on being the most mischievous of days – don’t you just know that if Friday was a person, she’d be 5’ll with legs for days and a smile that said come hither, but at your peril.

Then there’s Saturday. It’s just so damn jovial and full of possibilities, and yet, it’s always a bit more civilized than a Friday night, despite the many a songs written about its violent tendencies (Oh Elton). Saturday has always felt like the dinner party night…or the family trip to some nature park or Ikea…one in the same really. Both have animals in the wild fighting over stuff.

Then we have Sunday. Oh Sunday you are the Queen of moods aren’t you now? I used to dread Sundays when I was a teenager. I knew school was just around the corner, and my sister and I would get that sick feeling in our stomachs. We’d call it the Sunday blues, where you simply felt hollow. But funny enough, as I aged, I started to love Sundays. Sunday mornings meant reading the paper in bed and a walk in the park, the day was mellow, usually chalk full of sports on TV, and there was never too much expectation. Just an overall let’s see where the day takes us. Then of course if you are religious there is the whole communing with God thing, which brings about its own harmony and peacefulness for many. So really if you think about it, Sunday is the adult of the group. She’s saying, okay folks, you’ve had your fun, now take a deep breath, and relax, cause it’s all about to start again. Good luck to you.
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