Thursday 24 February 2011


I wanted to write about something today that delights me. I think we all know how many things out there disturb me, so why not end the week on a positive note.

My bed delights me. Wait, that sentence doesn’t do my feelings justice. My bed, and taking to my bed – as they say – is probably one of the things that drives me forward throughout my day…that and dark chocolate. At the moment that is fuel. But back to my bed…the thought that in so many hours, I can burrow like some 200 pound bear (depends how much I’ve eaten that day, sometimes I feel like a 300 pound bear) under the duvet, with my laptop all powered up and a cup of something warm in my hand, well, I tell you, that is pretty much my idea of bliss. In fact, I’m writing from bed right now. And moreover, I actually think the world would be a better place if more people worked from bed. Perhaps Congress would even get along if each member was swaddled up in some luxurious goose down while they casted their vote. It certainly couldn't hurt.

Before the King came along, my partner and I spent a lot of time in bed. Get your minds out of the gutter I’m not going there. We simply shared the love of our bed and thought that as much time spent there, especially on a Sunday, was time very well spent. [We’re both very hyper active, but we can both downshift into lazy sloths once in a while very happily]. So we’d turn our bed some sort of island in which food was allowed (only on big trays that did not allow for spills. I love my bed, but I still have OCD), books were to be read; TV shows were to be watched (the crappier the better) and okay fine, other extra curricular activities were welcomed as well. I’m not a total bore.

One New Years we even moved the bed into the living room. At that point we both acknowledged the fact that we were feeling old, the weather outside was appalling, and watching New Year’s coverage on TV beat riding our bikes down to the river trying to navigate through thousands of drunk people. The bed of course stayed in the living room for two days until I burst the happy bubble and insisted our lives – and living room – return to normal. Yes, these are things one can do when they’re single and kid free. If you are, take FULL advantage.

Now that the King is here the bed is ever more precious. Simply because my time spent in it has been cut in half. And trust me, I weep at the sight of it as I pass the bedroom door like we’re old lovers doomed to never meet again. Oh bed, god I miss you damn it. So of course, I’ve been trying to get the King to appreciate squirming about under the duvet. In the morning I kind of chuck him on Daddy’s head – seems like a better alarm clock than any other – where he does his best to pull his ears, smack his head and pat his father’s hair. I then insist we hang out as long as possible so he can fully appreciate how great life is from the bed island. Something tells me I have about fifteen years until he’s with me on this idea. And then of course it will be me yanking him from the most glorious place on earth, telling him to get a move on. Ah, sweet revenge.
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