Friday 25 June 2010


I find the notion of right and wrong fascinating, not to mention extremely complex as often times the definition of each can be such a subjective thing – cause of course we as society have turned it into such a thing. I mean for starters, there are so many people out there – myself included – who are convinced that most of the time they are right and although someone has to be wrong, it’s not going to be them. But then of course the other person thinks they’re right as well, so then who the hell is really right cause someone has got to be wrong? [Are you as confused yet?]

Luckily, on the factual side, some arguments can be easily solved as there is a defined right or wrong answer – I’m laughing as I type this cause even this sometimes does not stop a speeding argument train! The Battle of Hastings was in 1066, and 6 multiplied by six is 36. [Pretty much the only two things I remember from school – just kidding Mom.] There is no changing the facts; the answer just is what it is. So if you’re arguing that 6 x6 is anything but 36, you were spending way too much time sleeping on top of your desk. But as we all know, most arguments in the home or outside of it, (in the public realm etc), are not so easily solved, cause as humans we like to make things as subjective and ambiguous as possible then fight like hell to prove our side is the right side. I figure as a race we are simply bored senseless and need more to do, hence where debating comes in. 'No no debate me, it's fun. It will stave off thoughts of impending death!'

Then there are the justifiable wrongs  - and rights - that you hear thrown around that do sometime give you pause; the battered wife that finally shoves the table lamp down her abusive husband’s throat. A wrong by definition – but damn I’m sure that felt so right. And seriously do you blame her? Or the impoverished child that steals food cause his government is so corrupt the country is in freefall, or the revolutionaries that fight back in sometimes violent ways against the oppressive regimes – wrong by means perhaps, but right by intentions? I mean let's be honest, who the hell wants to be oppressed?? (My partner always tells me if I were living anywhere else, I’d be queen of the rebel party. I’m not sure this is a compliment). The list is long when it comes to justifiable wrongs and rights, as we seem to keep throwing things on there that are murky by definition, but somehow we can find an explanation for them. 

As for the domestic front…how many times have you had an argument with your partner where you were utterly convinced you were right – whilst they are protesting to you that they are indeed right (Sweetheart, love of my life, you know most of the time, I am right. Just surrender already; it will make your life much smoother). It then of course quickly boils down to interpretation, shades of gray, and fine lines in terms of how one defines right and wrong. For example, my partner likes to clean (sorry, I shall reword this, he does NOT like it, he succumbs to the fact that whilst I’m fat with child, he’s doing the heavy lifting!) the bathroom using wads and wads of toilet paper. This of course drives me nuts. Not just because of the waste factor, but because it leaves a little film of fuzz on the mirrors and the toilet paper breaks up when wet and goes everywhere. I tell him he should be using other means to clean, like a sponge - cause this is the 'right way to do it - and the disagreement quickly ascends to me proclaiming that I’m right, end of story. He of course thinks I’m wrong on all fronts, as toilet paper makes a perfect cleaning tool, and if I want him to clean he’s going to do it his way. I have a headache just typing this.

Okay, it’s a small example, but you see what I mean. We’re a world of stubborn individuals fighting for our side of things without realizing there is always another side – then again, in many instances, I know there is another side, I just don’t care to hear it (sorry republicans, I just can’t go there. I admit my flaws). Politics and global conflict is a perfect example of this. Each side has what they deem is the right way of doing things, and of course this means the other side is dead wrong. In fact sometimes this comes at the expense of all else – innocent lives, peace, the environment, overall quality of life. Take the middle East for instance – that’s right, I'm swinging straight at the hornet’s nest – without getting too political or revealing – it boils down to two sides, both who think they are right and are justified in their behavior. This of course leaves no room for either to be wrong on any subject apparently and a stalemate will be in place most likely for the next 3000 years. Well done. Very mature...How about, you’re both right and wrong in various ways, accept it, and figure out how to get the hell on with it.

Seriously, I'm right on this.

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