Wednesday 21 April 2010


I’m a believer in signs. Not miracles, or anything divine per se, but I believe there is a yin for every yang, a pull for a push, an action for a reaction. And when it comes to this large planet we all find ourselves on, I’m an absolute believer in an energy that connects us all like a giant living and breathing web. Call it the religion of physics if you will.

On this subject, I can’t be the only one that has noticed the absurd number of earthquakes and other natural disasters (we’ll throw volcanic eruption under that umbrella as well) that have occurred lately. My take, the planet is pissed off. More than pissed off, it’s sending us signals that it’s had a hideously large fat person on its back for far too long, squishing the life out of it, and now the searing pain is causing it to rear its head and buck us the hell off.

My partner and I always bicker (argue is such an ugly word) about global warming – he’s a debater, if there is a contrary side he enjoys taking it, purely out of sport. And there are many out there like him that believe it has become a political issue, ‘figures are inflated, nature is more resilient than we think and has a natural order that will correct itself,’ yada yada yada. For me it’s much simpler than that (although I still believe humans have caused global warming. So sit on that lover boy!). It comes down to basic respect. Something as a society I think we need more of all the way around. We no longer respect our planet. We rape it, pillage it, abuse it, and take advantage of it. However you want to look at it, one of us in this arrangement is getting the raw end of the stick.

So I tell those wanting to debate the issue until it’s a bleeding dead horse, who cares if global warming exists or not, let’s put that issue aside. Instead, how about exhibiting basic common sense and respect. If something can be turned into something else, recycle it. If it belongs in the bin (garbage) put it there. If we can find alternative sources for things, let’s find them. If certain animals are becoming extinct, and forests are being annihilated, ruining ecosystems etc. Um, DUH, time to stop. As my mother would say, ‘that’s about enough young lady (or man, depending on who is committing the atrocity)!’ You see where I’m going with this.

But of course, even the environmental issue boils down to money. We are a nation of capitalists after all, and that has its own pitfalls. We can’t ‘respect’ the planet without first lining our pockets, or defending our rights as supreme beings over all else that entitles us to anything we want, and of course there is China to consider! I love that argument. “Well they’re using it all up and polluting more than we are, so we’re not so bad really.” We never really evolve past the age of six do we? I recently read something that said that Las Vegas would run out of water in 10 years. Depleted. Dams-a-empty! So think about that the next time you’re rolling for a lucky seven and ask for more ice in your glass smart guy.

I say, it does begin at home, start small, do what you can, and do not spend all your time arguing with your girlfriend about your 30-minute showers. [Ahem, yes I’m talking to you sweetheart]. Just look at everything as a resource that has its limits. Push them and they’ll eventually give out, and it won't be pretty. Kind of like my patience. :-)
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