Tuesday 5 January 2016

HAPPY 2016

Happy New Year’s to everyone! To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I posted a blog. I could of course check, but I want to give you my undivided attention after such a long absence. My only excuse is that after many MANY years of renting, my husband and I finally moved into our first (purchased) home. Saying that still sounds weird and makes me want to hide my wallet under the sofa.

As many of you can attest, moving, renovating and purchasing a home is a total minefield that is all encompassing and tests one’s sanity (and marriage) in a multitude of ways. On the plus side, we’re in and its home! Woo hoo!!! And most importantly, aside from the King pointing out that he has to go down one more flight of stairs than we do to use the bathroom (his room is on the top floor in the eaves), he has given the house his stamp of approval. What’s more, he is the envy of his friends who think that living in an attic style room is the greatest thing ever. So he of course milks that for all that it is worth.

For my husband and I, it has been a whirlwind of intense learning, mistakes, and expenditure of the likes I have never experienced; I am by nature very, ahem…frugal, so to have to spend money like this to fix unanticipated problems, charges, taxes and the like, well it’s sobering at best. Probably why I spent all of December popping homeopathic calming remedies wishing my body could tolerate profuse amounts of alcohol (it can't). The renovation alone highlighted our absolute naiveté as we of course like most, under budgeted and did not anticipate the many things that can (and will go wrong). Not to mention, as I've stated before, English property laws are an utter mystery to an American.  The whole freehold, leasehold, who owns what and who needs to approve what for whom can lead one wanting…well, more alcohol.

To my husband’s credit, the man is a skill sponge. By the end of the demo work, I felt confident he could not only become a builder, but project manage just about anything. [Note to those of you out there still in the market for a partner – find one with a variety of skills, with the potential to pick up even more skills. It makes life a lot smoother]. And luckily, we had found two builders (Romanian guys who oddly enough spoke fluent Spanish; which of course I don’t speak a word of. So I just walked around with Google translate open, uttering "Mui Bien" like someone with Spanish Turrets) who were unbelievably efficient and by the end of it, I was hugging them goodbye, not wanting them to leave. 

Then of course came the moving in and creating 'a home.' This is where I of course kick it up three notches and turn into some hyped up organizational animal. The place was pretty well sorted by day four to my friends' utter amazement - but not surprise (someone with OCD cannot live surrounded by mess and boxes. There are not enough calming aids in the world). This whole process also awakened the ‘spending’ beast in my husband (he is NOT frugal and could win awards for his zest for purchasing things) as he excitedly decided we had to hit every single post Christmas day sale - with King in tow - along with the thousands that had swarmed to the West End. By the fourth day of schlepping around shops looking for the world’s perfect toaster, he could tell he was losing me. The man’s energy rivals the King’s, especially when it comes to finishing a project and doing it to a meticulous degree (You see, skills. Got to have skills). At this point my friends want to borrow him to go shopping with, as they’ve never met a man who is so passionate or knowledgeable on the subject.

So, now, life is slowly moving back to normal. The world’s perfect toaster (that just burnt the toast) sits on the counter, the house is pretty much done (although I can see my husband’s hawk eye looking around aching to tweak something) and the King has told me that despite his long journey to the bathroom, he now likes this house the best. 

Thank god, as another move may just kill me.

Happy 2016 everyone.

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