Tuesday 4 November 2014


Anyone in America that owns a TV will know that today, (Tuesdays must be so cocky around that 'day of the week' water cooler) Americans are taking to the polls in droves (Ha! Fat chance) and voting in mid-term elections which will decide who controls the Senate – and consequently, pave the way for the 2016 presidential election. The Republicans (for those not in the know, they are the Tories of the US) who already control our House of Representatives need just six seats to gain control of the Senate. Analysts at the moment are predicting a Republican victory, despite current improvements to the economy, and most pundits (and hideously irritating Fox commentators) claim that this election is a reaction to the current president; isn't it always? So in short, not good news today if you're a Democrat.
As always in politics in any corner of the world, things ebb and flow and the tide turns mightily against the President in power. At the moment, Obama’s approval ratings are at their all time lowest. Not to mention people’s apathy for politics is also at an all time low. And why do we ask? (Or am I sadly in the minority to ask questions such as these). Well in short, the mere fact that we’re still stuck in a pull and tug quagmire between the two leading parties who both act like juvenile imbeciles, it begs the question, why isn’t John Q Public more pissed off than he (or she) already is?

The part that enrages me the most is not that the tide turns in politics (it’s pathetic, but I accept that it is inevitable – the grass is greener mentality is formidable and pervasive - and the nature of human beings). And I’m certainly all for people having their opinions when it comes to politics and who is in power (although I have less patience for the uneducated opinion), but what I cannot fathom is that we as a country sit idly by while our politicians are outspoken in their eager desire to make Obama a lame-duck president. No matter what side of the aisle you fall on Ye Politician dirtbags, you work FOR US. You are there to solve problems, work together, and pass laws, policies and so on, in order to benefit our country. You are elected by us to take care of us, not report to work and essentially declare for all to hear that you plan to do absolutely nothing but be insubordinate…just because you're not happy with who is in power.

My hope, my ideal aching hope for the American people is that one day we truly see how much power we do have. That we realize that it is WE who elect these people and it is we that pay their wages. The fact that we have to sit idly by while our politicians play partisan politics and delight in a gridlock that literally grinds our government to a halt should be unacceptable. There is no other workplace on the planet where that would be accepted. Can you imagine if you reported to work, but decided that as you disagree with your boss and his opinions, you were going to instead hurl pencils at the ceiling until it was time to clock out? How about, suck it up, realize your side lost, and try to…I don’t know…work together! It’s what we teach our children, is it not? Share, work as a team, be the bigger person…and don’t bite, kick, throw your toys and act like morons. It seems like such  simple philosophy when one is teaching a 4 year old. A lot harder when one is dealing with grown adults. 

So as you cast your vote today, realize your power. I implore you. And perhaps there will come a day - hopefully in the near future -  when we can fire the lot of them and start from scratch with people who actually want to see the betterment of our country. 

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