Tuesday 16 April 2013


This weekend’s news has left a very bad taste in my mouth, to put it mildly. Yet another bombing; yet another tragic atrocity that proves that we as humans have an innate anger and bestiality that I will never understand. And of course the media as per usual is pouring blood in the water to stir things up to a shark-infested frenzy. In fact, I cannot even turn CNN on anymore for fear of seeing the detritus of the bombing as I’m eating my morning breakfast with the King. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in full support of news reportage, but anyone that reads this blog knows how I view the sensationalistic slant of the media these days (or for the last two decades!). Do I feel for the eight year old and his family who were victims of this senseless crime? More than words can say. Do I think it’s appropriate to splash his face all over the Internet and print media from here to China? No, I’d like to think we could show more reserve than that and show his family some respect.

The other baffling thing about this weekend’s events – aside from how and why they happened in the first place – is this eternal question after every attack of this nature to qualify if it’s indeed a ‘terrorist’ attack (thank you S.A for bringing this to attention on FB). Seriously, is this what concerns us most about what has happened this past weekend? The label of it? By definition a terrorist is someone who uses violence for political aims. So I’d say blowing up hundreds of innocent civilians after a marathon is not only using violence for a political aim, but it’s screaming to the world, ‘see me, hear me, I want to bring about mass destruction in the name of something.’ And isn’t any violent act terrorizing someone? 

I get it, we as society need someone to blame; we need to label that party that claims responsibility (or doesn't, which we like even better cause then the hunt begins) and go after them with a vengeance. We need to write slogans about bringing them down and plaster it across every news bulletin. We NEED an enemy. It is apparently what we thrive upon these days (or ever since the Cold War), someone to hate, someone to burn in effigy, someone to wear the mask of the bogey man late at night. And these days it's not that hard to find one.

However, for me it never changes. That bogeyman is man. Plain and simple. No matter what party or fundamentalist group he (or she) belongs to, he is a human steeped in anger and hell bent on mass destruction. He has lost the ability to function in the real world of reason and rationality. He has killed any ounce of compassion that may have lived within him (or had it killed); he has gone to war on his fellow man (and child) and deemed this necessary in the name of politics and purpose. For once again, you don’t do something like this if you aren’t trying to say something. Not in these times.

So for those that lost their lives over the weekend, I mourn for you. I truly do. I mourn for the injured and the people that love you. More importantly, I mourn for all of us (especially you my King) that things like this seem to be happening more and more. And I pray that one day we return to a society where a child can simply go see his father crossing the finish line without losing his life.

(and yes, tomorrow I hope to be a bit more hopeful)

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