Tuesday 19 March 2013


[One from the archives ladies and gents. New blog tomorrow]

Tweeting. Twittering. One twatted. Don’t get me started! This is definitely up there as my least favorite entry into the world of social media and connectivity  (as you can see I'm still on a bit of a disturbed streak). What bored individual came up with this total mind-numbing act of narcissism? Seriously. Facebook was bad enough, encouraging all of us (and don't worry, I'm woman enough to admit when I succumb to things) to post what we are doing at any given moment. And of course some people take this to the extreme just to ensure that we know they're still breathing, dating, eating, shopping, showering and then some; "Jenny is  buttering her toast with a very dull knife, but man does she love butter." No offense, Jenny, but I don't really care. 

Then there is the celebrity tweets announcing their moral and political opinions, their tirades at other celebs (Courtney Love should just surrender all of her electronic devices. Although her rants while high do have comic value), and of course their break-ups. Cause that is what I always feel like doing when my relationship has just ended, tweeting about it, and making sure the whole freaking world knows how it went down (cause you know how truthful celebrity tweets are). "It's fine, we grew apart, but we're the best of friends and she'll be in my heart forever."  Please, just stop.

I think the real kicker for me was when half of congress was tweeting during one of President Obama's speeches. Seriously, we realize the government is drowning at the moment in a sea of partisan dysfunction, but can you at least pretend to show some respect for us the taxpayers (ahem, and your employers) your job and leader of the free world? Then again, perhaps it's just as important to let the world know what Senator Webb thinks of Senator Dodd's punchy red tie.

I realize that this is slightly hypocritical as I am in a sense being revealing and narcissistic by blogging, but I figure, we have to draw a line somewhere. [And you can be rest assured I will never tell you about the toast that I am eating]. As I see it, the immediacy and monotony of tweeting is leading us down a path where every single moment of our lives is deemed important enough to put out there. Note to mass public: it’s not. I know the human condition is to fear being mundane and ordinary, but people, it's okay, we are all stewing in the boring pot together. So don't be afraid to butter that toast in silence.

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