Tuesday 15 January 2013


Brace yourself; the top baby researched names of 2013 are out (searched for in 2012 and ‘trending’ in 2013 apparently)! This made the news cycle this morning; a celeb starlet must have not wrecked their car last night, or dropped over from dehydration. And I know the conflict in the Middle East still rages on so that’s not necessarily news or at least, not salacious ‘new’ news (it falls under maintenance reporting apparently). But trending baby names, that is front page stuff my friends.

So, as per the report, the top five girls names are 1. Isabella 2. Millie 3. Sookie 4. Ann and 5. Ella. I’m really hoping that Sookie did not make the list because of ‘True Blood,’ but then again, we are a monkey see/monkey do society and since the dawn of Brooklyn Beckham, I’m sure there are a lot of Seattle Smiths and Houston Jones running around out there. God help us all. As for the boy’s names, the top five are 1. Jacob 2. Max 3. Liam 4. Ted and 5. Mo. I’m not sure if Mo is short for Mohammed, but I kind of hope it is. At least that will show we are broadening our myopic ethnic scope. The article goes on to say that the retirement home/golden standard names are making a comeback like Betty and Ted (or Beaver and Ward perhaps?), as are the royal names due the existence of Wills and Kate. The King’s sibling – not that he’s getting one - is definitely being named Queen Elisabeth. I mean, King and Queen, come on, that’s genius (and we could then get a dog named Prince and a bunch of potted plants named...'disenfranchised subjects').

Funny enough, to me it always seems like the names don’t really change that much, I mean Max and Isabella have been front runners for ages, barring the addition of the wacky celeb names that have pushed their way into the zeitgeist. ‘Peach. Yeah, you heard me, her name is Peach. Kim Kardashian named her kid that and it’s totally classy.’  Um okay then. In defense of all the Apples and Peaches of the world, I suppose it feels odd and abnormal to all of us until they become the norm. Think of the world when the majority of us are named after fruits, vegetables and cities. It will be so colorful won’t it? (ahem) Then again, when I think of someone named after a fruit, I’m thinking porn or life on the pole, not law review. I could happily be wrong of course; perhaps the next Supreme Court Justice will indeed be named Melon Trixie Hamilton. Who am I to say?

Many think my name is abnormal, funny enough. I’m not sure how, but trust me, if I had a nickel for how many times I’ve had to pronounce it, then repronounce and pronounce yet again, to only hear it pronounced wrong, well I’d be Warren Buffet. The irony is, I then will meet a 3 year old who hears my name and says it perfectly. Who says they don’t listen.

Happy Tuesday. 

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