Saturday 22 December 2012


With the end of 2012 approaching, I thought I’d take the chance (as we all do) to reflect on the past year (especially as it was supposed to be our last according to the Mayans who are now all laughing that they played the best joke ever), and of course with my best intentions, end on a positive note. Admittedly 2012 was a challenging year in a variety ways. I think the general collective felt this, or perhaps it was just from my vantage point. In my own life there was a great loss, ill health of those around me, and a general feeling of tumultuousness (emotionally, politically, economically etc. etc.) that was often hard to navigate through (add onto that the general vicissitudes of life, and well, one can often feel like a pinball being shot through a machine on any given day). Trust me, there was a lot of coffee drunk, chocolate eaten, and long walks (with the King dragging 300 cars with us) taken throughout all of this.

Of course this makes me wonder if the universe was simply testing us all to see how strong we are (with the intention of making us stronger) or that life is simply always this challenging, some are just more often seated under the air conditioning vent of life and others get the spot next to the heater. I suppose my point is, that 2012 while challenging in many ways, it also made me thankful for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me. I have brilliant friends (one of which I miss oh so much), a loving family, a two year old force deemed the King that lives up to his name every day in the most inspiring of ways, and a city around me that while some days kicks my butt, never ever bores me.

This past year also taught me a lot about myself. My limits, the boundaries I needed to put in place, and the massive surrender I needed to instill in many parts of my life (I’m thinking this is going to be a process that takes about thirty more years, but hopefully I have time). It also made me realize that life is precious and fleeting and as much as we’ve always been told it can be taken away in an instant, until you truly are faced with that prospect (yourself or those around you), the thought isn’t completely digested. (Trust me, I get it now, so universe, let’s just slow it down a bit, okay?)

This year has also been a challenge in terms of what has been going on in the world on a global level. It has made me truly define what I believe (although that has never been my weak point, let’s be honest), what I find important to fight for, and more importantly, what I find important to hold to my heart and just keep quiet about (not something that comes naturally to me, but I’m finding the power in this of late). We are a tricky planet full of very polar mindsets, viewpoints and fundamental beliefs that often make one feel like they’re at a family function with 800 relatives and no one can agree on what to make for dinner – and of course then it becomes about everything but the dinner and you find yourself ducking for cover and searching for the wine bottle (or is that just me that feels that way?)

So, whatever year you’ve had this year, I say this: Instead of wishing for a good year (that just seems naïve), I shall instead wish for all of us that 2013 be a year of growth, a year of change, a year of coming together in a way that we may have failed in the past. I wish that each of you make a step forward in terms of your personal journey (in whatever way that floats your boat), that you keep your loved ones close, that you learn from those that may have wronged against you, and you try in some small way to give back to someone who may need it (let’s be honest, we need to get a lot better at this). I suppose most importantly, I wish that in 2013 we could all remember that we’re part of a collective, the human collective. And if we put half the energy into working together that we do into butting heads, maybe this world could be a little bit more harmonious (you know, like that Coke commercial from the 70’s when everyone is on the hilltop singing that irritatingly catchy tune, swigging soda, all hopped up on sugar!)

Now go and stuff your face, fill your wine glass and let’s show 2012 the door, shall we. 

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