Tuesday 4 September 2012


I’ve written about politics before on this blog, as it’s one of those exhaustive and often absurd subjects that one can mine for gems and never come up disappointed (sickened yes; but disappointed due to a lack of material, nope). But in truth, as much as I have strong opinions on many things in the political arena, I hate politics. I think its mere existence is the ruin of man. Yes, a bold statement I realize, but let’s be honest, the nature of politics is divisive, elitist, polarizing and deceptive. In fact, I’ll go one further, and simply call politics and those that inhabit it, a bunch of con artists that enjoy the spoils of war and the heat of battle more than they ever enjoy doing things for their fellow man. And to think the origin of the word is ‘of, for or relating to citizens.’ The citizen, perhaps once did have a front row seat, say back when Jefferson was in power, but now takes a back seat to the politician and his/her agenda any day of the week. Let’s not pretend otherwise at this point.

Merely looking at the campaigning process – the most garish form of politicking – should remind us all that politics is no longer about the citizen or what we need as a nation or want. Instead we are all forced to witness a three ring circus where so much money is spent to merely elect this one individual, it begs to ask why in a day and age when people are out of work and the world is hemorrhaging money, do we need to output this much cash to elect a President. I think we all could do without the majority of the hot air that is pushed around – not to mention the utterly cheesy conventions where bad music is played and  absurdly rich white men (I'm talking the majority here) with no rhythm attempt to dance and canoodle with their wives in an intimate manner ('look everyone, we have a real marriage and we really love our kids...oh, and God and our dog Skip').

The truth of the matter is this – and if you still do not know this then please go take a political science class and economics while you're at it – one single man does NOT run our country (so think about that the next time you cast your vote). The masses may think he does – most do and lay all their complaints, blame, and grievances at his door, as he is the ‘face’ man - but our government is run by the House, the Senate, Wall Street, and a whole bunch of lobbyists, each jockeying for a better position on the totem poll and all willing to sell their own mother to get there (of course conspiracy theorists would say our government is run by the Secret Service as well as the wealthiest upper echelon of America who call all the shots. Or purchase them if you will). What’s even more absurd is that within the House and Senate is a bunch of men and women (a small majority of women I might add) who happily define themselves by opposing the other side of the room. 'I disagree; therefore I AM!' And we wonder why things in the government do not function anymore. By sheer design, having two parties that profoundly oppose one another, whilst often engaging in vitriolic and hateful rhetoric like it’s a sport, and then try to get them to agree on something is utterly counter productive and counter intuitive.

Of course, and this is the part of politics I hate the most; when it suits them, or shall I say, when it serves them, the two opposing parties can happily call a truce and come to some sort of agreement on things. Not to mention the hypocrisy goes further with the lobbyists who are desperately trying to amass votes to get ‘x’ bill passed, can suddenly and shockingly support something else that goes against everything they stand for just to get that one vote they’re searching for. So, as most of us know by now, politics are not for the principled.

So why do I bother voting? I suppose firstly because I can (we women fought very hard for that right, so I’m going to use it). And secondly, there are a few issues that I feel very strongly about and hence why I will vote a certain way each election time regardless of the ‘face man’ they put in front of me. Often, I’m not even voting for the man (although sometimes I will try to pick the least offensive, ineloquent buffoon), I’m voting for the few things I don’t want to see abolished or swept under the carpet (that's the idealist in me anyway). In fact I believe many people vote this way. Some vote with their pocketbook, some vote for their reproductive rights, some for the environment, and some cling onto that idealist notion that the arts programs in our country still stand a chance of existing. HA! But does the majority vote for the ideals of the party full stop, I think not. Or at least, I hope not.

Of course every candidate will promise all things to all people, but I’m hoping everyone knows that most of what is promised is not delivered based on the mere fact that once that President gets elected, he enters the political machine. A dysfunctional, rusty, corrupt machine that only serves itself. And unless the ‘machine’ wants to pass something and it behooves them to do so, it’s going to dwell in the quagmire for an awful long time…and then of course they'll take a vacation and make us all pay for it.

You see, politics - utterly pointless. 

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