Sunday 8 July 2012


Well I discussed all the reasons I would like to come back in my next life as a man. Now, as promised, it is time to discuss all the reasons why I love being a woman. Every woman out there I’m sure is thinking, ‘please, we get it, you certainly don’t need to explain it.’ But for those that like to see things in writing, let’s run through it, shall we?

For starters, we’re the most intelligent of the sexes [I'm sure a lot of men spit up their coffee after reading that one]. Let’s be honest, in terms of ticking all the boxes, we as a sex simply have it. We’re intuitive (which goes a long long way); we’re emotionally intelligent, we’re clever in the traditional (book smart) and non-traditional sense (improvisation is our strong suit, have you ever seen a woman travel with more than one child? There is a lot of improv going on, I assure you), and we multi-task. Need I say more? I shall not because currently I’m reading the biography of Nietzsche, while solving an algorithm, making the King’s lunch and intuiting that a friend of mine needs a phone call cause she’s had a rough week. You see, tick, tick, tick.

Secondly, we smell nice, have less body hair (which is great because I could never handle shaving my face every day)have soft skin (that smells of roses and rainbows, cause we’re perfect), innately have a better dress sense - and more choice in clothes, thank god - and possess the ability to accessorize. According to Olympia Dukakis in Steel Magnolias, it’s what separates us from animals.

Thirdly, we have a range of emotions and are not only able to identify an emotion (for some of the male species out there this is incredibly challenging) but we are not ashamed of them. This is a huge benefit in avoiding colon cancer or any type of illness, as I think expression and communication keeps the body and mind healthy. But then again, I would. In fact, I’m raising the King not only to embrace crying when the situation deems it (this does not include air travel), but the King is already fully in acceptance of joy, fear, sadness and flat out unadulterated belligerence. This one, I’m trying to temper as it’s exhausting for those of us living in his kingdom.

And lastly, we create life. Seriously, I shouldn’t have to go any further, but I’ve never been one for few words (the blog would be seriously dull if I was). We not only create life, we grow it, nurture it, feed it, and birth it. And then to go one further, once we birth it, we do all of it again (grow, nurture, and feed it; not to mention a whole host of other things), whilst making sure this little creature abides by societal rules, turns into a caring person, picks up its underwear off the floor and doesn’t turn into a bank robber. Not an easy task, I assure you. 

So you see, it may on the surface be a man's world, but I promise you, behind that man is a woman running the show, doing her nails, reading a book, whilst raising a child and running a company. We're good like that. 

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