Monday 2 July 2012


Well our road trip has come to an end and the King is back on his proverbial London throne, so to speak - not that he doesn’t spiritually take it with him wherever he goes. Needless to say, we are both sun-kissed, jetlagged as anything, and the King has managed to amass even more cars than before we left. My living room is starting to resemble an international speedway, but hey, you can’t come between a royal and his passions.

After a holiday, there’s nothing I like better than reflecting on a successful sojourn (there’s also nothing I like LESS than unpacking so procrastinating is key) and reliving all the good bits. I assure you, the four airline flights during our little trip are not one of my more cherished memories. Yesterday while the King screamed the bloody plane down and I was eyeballed by every person in cabin for my inability (apparently) to control my child’s outburst, I must profoundly thank the steward for coming over to me and offering me a stiff drink. Thankfully, the King swiftly passed out thereafter and was kind enough to allow me three inches on the seat next to his feet. Let's just say, the chiropractor will be one of my first visits in the next week.

So overall, what were some of the overriding things that stuck with me from the journey? Hmm, let’s see. My son's appetite stuns pretty much anyone that crosses his path. In fact, his ability to eat this trip even awed me, and I thought I saw it all upon meeting my husband...Seattle, while incredibly beautiful, rivals England as the wettest place on long as the King has his bag of cars he will set up home anywhere – and more importantly, if that home itself contains toy cars, well even better (prepare yourself for car theft as well)...stocked pantries and drawers of food prove a prodigious challenge for the King’s minders (ahem, me)....grandparents and a trampoline are the greatest gifts a mother could ask for, especially if you combine the two (serious amusement). Followed closely by being able to play a DVD in the car during LA rush hour - a true blessing and necessity. Sadly, now the King thinks all cars should carry such capabilities and is quite annoyed when the black cab doesn't provide such a service.

Another holiday occurrence, the King strangely developed – and undeveloped, it happens fast in the world of a 2 year old, a fear of dogs, water, and slides. Thankfully all seem to be subsiding thanks to a little loving push in the right direction. “You love the pool, see, pool, niiiice. And look there’s a dog in it going down a slide!” Might as well conquer all those phobias at once.

Then there was the abundance of family and friends who were always around, which the King relished in. In fact, he spent the morning walking around our flat calling out to his grandfather with a puzzled look on his face. Either that or he was demanding to return to his Grandfather's house, suddenly realizing that city living puts a serious cramp on his need to spread out. The only thing that now scares me about returning home is now that he knows the joys of having other children around, he may start demanding I provide him with more heirs. Furthermore, the lack of other children around on a daily basis means that I am back to being a one woman entertainment center, which does not bode well for my old jetlagged body....thank god for the thirty hot wheel cars lined up on the sofa in the living room.

Happy Monday All. 

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