Thursday 1 March 2012


It's retrospective Thursday! Who are we kidding, I'm exhausted from another bout of insomnia and between the King and, well, everything else, there is no way I'm getting a blog out today. So here is a blog from yesteryear, may your memory be weak and it still remain entertaining. Happy reading.

What is it about celebrity starlets and exhaustion? Am I missing something that being a celebrity suddenly became the most exhausting and arduous jobs on the planet? And of course it is never just exhaustion – that would be too simple. They throw dehydration and malnourishment onto the excuse pile whenever they find themselves in some precarious situation as if they’re all fighting over food in the middle of some war strewn third world country.

Now I realize a lot of this is spin produced by their PR companies. Sorry, I misspoke, ALL of this is spin, I’m just not sure when exhaustion and co. became the catch all for every screw up a celebrity makes. ‘Sarah Size Two’ was caught shoplifting – she’s tired damn it! ‘Harry Hotpants’ was caught cheating – he forgot to drink enough water. It's not his fault, people! ‘Carrie Cant Miss An Opening’ was rushed to hospital with stomach pains – pregnancy? Never. She simply forgot to eat her tofu lettuce wrap and was a tad malnourished.

Cause in celebrity land, apparently there are no beds, glasses of water, or stores that contain things called food. Come to think of it, aren’t these otherworldly types supposed to have people that work for them that do all these pithy jobs like food shopping and water fetching? Heck, you know Mariah Carey probably has people to spoon feed her while she lounges on her settee – apparently she likes to eat lying down (I actually saw her admit to this on a documentary).  

I suppose the most puzzling thought of all is not that the PR companies all think we are total gullible idiots, but what exactly is it that celebrities are doing that is so darn exhausting? It’s not like they’re sweating it out in a coalmine (although something tells me they would if it involved weight loss and appeared ‘method;’ there are also no ditches to dig, mountains to climb, or sweat shops to work their little fingers to the bone in. In short, they memorize and read lines, go on press tours where they are served, ahem, food and water (!), put up in five star hotels, and work on movie/TV sets with usually a heck of a lot of downtime where they can sit in the posh trailers and contemplate what not to eat.

Okay fine, I’m sure I’m simplifying things, and I’m sure many a celeb works their little protein infused tail off,  (Beyoncé for instance, she looks like she works damn hard actually; do you see her Glastonbury set? I got tired just watching her move like that) but please spare me how tired and hungry this group of individuals is when they have money in the bank and 300 thread count sheets on their beds the size of Kansas. Go to sleep for godsakes, and take a sandwich with you!
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