Monday 6 February 2012


I was watching the half time show of the Superbowl online – despite living abroad, I still have my moments of American nostalgia even though I only found out who was playing two days before – and couldn’t help but wonder what the rest of the music community was thinking (especially the youth) as Madonna, at 53 years of age, gallivanted across the stage like some sort of futuristic centurion hopped up on Red Bull. Love the lady or hate her, but I know people in their thirties that can’t run around like that on a good day, let alone sing and dance in high heels whilst a billion people are watching to see if you have a wardrobe malfunction. And apparently, the consensus across the board was that she definitely hit it out of the park. Wait, wrong metaphor.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she is a great singer (as a lifelong fan I knew early on that was never her thing), and she looked a tad arthritic at moments. Not to mention that she was dressed like she worked the night shift in the Caesars Palace coffee shop, but compared to most contemporary performers of the day, the woman made them look downright lazy and unprepared. But the part that struck me the most was that like any good performer, she knew what her audience wanted (to dance and shake their groove thing) and that was to take their mind off losing, or celebrate the fact that at half time their team was ahead. She also knew that keeping her clothes on, and keep her groin from gyrating too much was the order of the day, and she shockingly went along with it. I suppose age is calming her down some.

Then again, I have to confess that there were also a few moments where I couldn’t help but think, ‘um, she’s 53, shouldn’t she be changing her act up some; maybe dig deep to see what the more mature Madonna can deliver? (Or is this the mature Madonna?) I mean, haven’t we seen her over the last twenty years wear some freaky outfit whilst she thrusts her pelvis and then wraps her legs around the umpteenth male dancer?’ I suppose if it ain’t broke – and her hips are still working and not in the need of a transplant – then hey, why not shake them; It is what what we have come to expect from her, and I'm thinking if she walked out in some double knit pantsuit and sat on a stool with a guitar, we may take issue with that too. And moreover, who am I to criticize, I can barely take the King to soft play without pulling my back out. Kudos to Madonna for being able to pull that off and make it home without needing a wheelchair.

Congrats Giants and Happy Monday.

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