Monday 23 January 2012


Nothing like an absurdly unique story to start off our week! A man in Thailand recently married his girlfriend. Nothing unique there, except in this case, his girlfriend was dead and her funeral was on the same day as her wedding. Hey, at least she didn’t have to worry about people getting annoyed about who they were sitting next to (table planning is a bitch!) and if the caterer was up to snuff. Let’s be honest, having a wedding can be a big fat headache, so perhaps having no pulse as you exchange vows isn’t such a bad thing.

The story, if you can overlook the whole dead body situation, was quite romantic really. Well, sort of. Chadil Deffy had been dating his girlfriend of 10 years and always had the intention of marrying her (hmmm, isn’t that what every man says??). Apparently Chadil wanted to concentrate on his studies before tying the knot – this is definitely one of those cases where ‘live life in the now’ speaks volumes. Unfortunately his girlfriend died in an accident before they ever had the chance to walk down the aisle.

Expectedly, Chadil was wracked with guilt that he rebuffed the idea of marriage, especially as his girlfriend suggested they take the marital plunge shortly before her death. So, to right this egregious wrong [even if it was a bit belated] he decided that the only way to do this was to marry her, even if it was on her deathbed. So in front of their ‘guests/mourners’ he put a ring on it. Sorry, too macabre for a Monday?

I suppose the moral of this whole tale is to truly treat each day as your last. Do what you fear; live without regret, do all the things you know deep in your heart you want to do, and are the right things to do, before it is too late. Because in many cases, the more you put things off, the more they may never happen. And I don’t know about you, but I want my corpse left alone once I die (actually, I'd like to be cremated and poured into a nice urn, if you really want to know). I certainly don’t want to be stuffed in a wedding dress with some ring shoved on my finger that I can’t even appreciate. So honey, please take note, if I get hit by a bus this morning on the way to get coffee! 

Happy Monday. 

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