Wednesday 21 December 2011

BEST OF 2011

BEST OF 2011

Yes, it’s that time of year to ruminate over the best of 2011 – for me that is. I’m sure you will have your own list and it will vary greatly…or not. So let’s dive in shall we, I have a train to catch.

1.     1. The weather. It’s hard to believe I am writing these words as I live in England, a country NOT known for its weather. Or known for having utterly sh*te weather, but this year I shall actually pay the country a compliment – not that it knows how to control the weather. To date, we have had a mild winter, and that my friends is cause to celebrate. Granted this could change at any moment and the park opposite my house could turn into the tundra, but let’s count the chickens before they hatch, shall we?

2.    2.  “Us Against the World” – by Coldplay. If you haven’t heard it, do. Whether or not you’re a fan, it’s a damn well written song, and these days that is a rarity.

3.     3. Kim Kardashian was shown to be the moronic famewhore that she truly is and I’m praying that in this revelation, all those that watch reality shows will reconsider and spend their time in a more productive manner. This isn’t hard to do; watching paint dry would be more productive and good for the soul. [Sorry, I realize I should be in the forgiving, seasonal mode, but reality shows make me irrational and angry].

4.    4. The Iraq war has been declared over. Seriously, it is hard to believe it dragged on SO long, cost us SO much money, and so many lives, and FOR WHAT exactly? WMDs apparently.  And yes, this actually makes me angrier than Kim Kardashian.

5.    5. My son, the King, learned to walk, flirt shamelessly, and dance like a Solid Gold dancer (for those of you far too young to know how utterly ridiculous Solid Gold was – in a good way - please YouTube it. It was genius).

6.    6.I discovered FNL. Texas Forever b*tches.

7.    7. Revolution: people rose up around the world living under oppressed, corrupt, and economically depressed regimes (I’m still waiting on Americans, although the Wall Street protests will have to do) and told their governments where to shove it.

8.   8. A possible ‘earthlike’ planet was spotted about 36 light years away. Okay fine, we’re not so close to borrow a cup of sugar, but seriously, this confirms that space exploration is a pretty amazing and worthwhile endeavor.

9.  9. Google announced that they would be making an 11.5 million dollar charitable donation to fight modern day slavery. This is a seriously large amount of money and more companies should be following in their footsteps. It's far past due juggernaut corporations – open your wallets and pony up!

1010.  My baby-daddy decided to pop THE question and make an honest woman out of me. Not that I was so dishonest before, but it makes my mother terribly happy that she doesn’t have to refer to him as my ‘partner’ anymore. She refused to call him my 'loverboybabydaddy,' even though I insisted it had a zippier ring to it.

Here’s to 2012, Happy Holidays everyone!

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