Friday 7 October 2011


Steve Jobs died yesterday. It’s not often a CEO of a company commands such worldwide mourning and reverence, but in the case of Mr. Jobs, people somehow felt the loss as if it was someone they knew. I suppose that speaks to the fact that he was a true pioneer that created a product that changed the world (it did, let's be honest) and a brand that redefined branding. In fact, it blew the doors off it. Case in point, you don’t see a four-hour line outside Best Buy for the latest HP printer now do you. On the contrary, Apple products became part of the zeitgeist, they inspired loyalty most companies would weep for, in fact, once you became a user of an Apple product, you never went back (especially the black ones. Sorry, it was just too obvious).

I have always been a ‘mac’ girl, as they say. I am writing today’s blog on my mac iBook. Next to me sits my iPhone, and this morning I went on a run with my iPod; all this thanks to this little company named after a fruit and a true visionary who invented his first computer out of his garage and decided a mere pencil and paper was not good enough; we were going sci-fi ladies and gentleman. No, I’m not doing PR for the company, I have just always been an admirer of those individuals that not only push the envelope, they reinvent the whole damn thing altogether.

I suppose there are many that would say that Steve Jobs and his company (let’s be honest, it will always be his company) are partially responsible for turning society into a bunch of techno addicts that line themselves up outside mac stores like jonesing, pathetic cattle waiting for the latest innovation to hit the market. “Didn’t you hear man, the iphone75 cleans your house for you. Hot Damn!” That’s fine, I wholeheartedly accept I’m a junky – acceptance: that’s the first step, isn’t it? 

I'm so bad that it takes me about two days to take my brand new computer out of the box simply cause I think the packaging looks so nice. Cause let’s be honest, Jobs and his team made computers, phones and every other technological gadget that had an ‘I’ in front of it, sexy as hell. Yes, you heard me, from the packaging, to the design, form and function; it’s just a sexy little piece of machinery. And to make it even more attractive and alluring, a monkey could learn to use it. The mere fact that two year olds can singlehandedly work an ipad should tell you how smart Jobs and his think tank were. Let’s get em young damn it, in fact, next up an ipad that can go in utero!

So Mr. Jobs, this blog is for you. This is for your ingenuity, your visionary scope and your unfathomable intelligence and hard work that has left behind a legacy that has made proud and loyal junkies of us all. Not many people can say they were instrumental in changing how society functions, but you were instrumental in changing our world. 

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