Thursday 4 August 2011


Apparently George Clooney has a new girlfriend. Now while this is not breaking news in any shape or form, it did make me stop and laugh at how fast this man goes through women. Funny enough, it’s hard not to admire the guy – there is a bit of lust thrown in for good measure of course, I am female after all – for his utter dedication to his bachelor lifestyle. In the case of George, he makes being an unmarried, wealthy, free-living bachelor look incredibly desirable. [I'm thinking the lakefront house in Como doesn't hurt]. And what’s more, he refuses to apologize for it; you simply have to love that. But the funniest part from an outsider’s perspective is to watch the women that come in and out of his life try to change the unchangeable. I suppose it’s in our genes to want to take on the impossible.

Here is the thing; fundamentally women like to change things. Call it our love of a good project, a fixer upper, a quest to find and tackle the ultimate before and after, but when a women enters a relationship, there is a certain amount of stuff she is eyeballing about her partner, and thinking to herself, now that’s got to go! And I'm just the woman to clear that sh*t out. I’m not saying it’s always healthy, but most of us know we do this and we do at least attempt to curtail it. Well, after a few minor changes take place to his wardrobe, finances, and overall etiquette. :-) Take my partner for instance, when we met, he used to wear this jacket. Ooooh this jacket and I were not friends, in fact, it was my sartorial enemy as soon as I saw it. And of course as soon as we were a month in to the dating arena, I had decided that I was up for the battle of "operation jacket disappearance." There would only be one of us standing by the end of the year, and no leather jacket was going to get one up on me. [The jacket is gone by the way].

So back to George of course, here is a man that from the start tells women, I never want to marry. Hell, he says it in interviews like it’s a mantra. “No, I will never marry again; and no I do not want children. I’ll leave that to the other people.” And when you hear him say it, you believe it. [There are those that say things and it’s simply lacking conviction]. Needless to say, each woman that George ensnares enters the union with the best intentions. They tell themselves they are simply going to date him, they are okay with this, they accept that he is what he is and figure, heck, he's hot, rich and can pay for dinner. Why be picky? 

Then you literally see it happening after about a year in. They start getting that look in their eye – that look that says, I made it a year, I can do this; I can be the one to change this man’s mind. "Look at me, he loves me, I have incredibly long legs, long marrying legs. Damn it, George Clooney is going to put a ring on it!" And then about eight months later, the woman is on the Lake Como express going straight out of town and George is setting his sights on someone newer, younger, and less desiring of settling down and wanting Clooney spawn.

You see, some men are simply unchangeable (barring a jacket here or there) when it comes to their stance in life. And for that, you simply have to take a step back and respect it. If a woman is told from the outset there will never be a ring in no uncertain terms, then you’re looking at one long one-sided conversation.  You're better off going to find a nice messy closet to clean out and reorganize. I'm telling you, the rewards will be much more fulfilling....Ahhh, before. After.
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