Wednesday 13 July 2011


Michele Bachmann oh it’s such early days and you’re already starting to annoy me. The Minnesotan Congresswoman and Neo-con presidential candidate…sorry, Republican candidate has described herself as a “small business job creator.” Under this umbrella is the Christian counseling service her and her husband have created and promote proudly. But this isn’t the annoying part; in the past five years they have faced accusations of using a controversial therapy to encourage homosexuals to change their sexual orientation. 
Seriously, we are STILL here. Is everyone as bored by this insane and deluded bigotry as I am? I doubt it’s a surprise to anyone, but this whole quest to try and convert homosexuals onto the righteous straight path (this is sarcasm people) makes as much as sense to me as trying to ‘de-color’ people or change cats into dogs.
In short, cause that is simply all I can spare on the specifics of her ‘clinic,’ former patients were told that God would perform a miracle and they would no longer be gay.  Therapy programs consisting of prayer, bible readings and mentoring by former lesbian ministers were administered in hopes of converting these stray naughty sheep back into the pure and pious fold.
Of course the Bachmann’s have refuted all this, but Michele Bachmann has already been a vocal and staunch opponent to gay marriage and has been quoted in calling gays deviants, child abusers, and predators against our children. In short, she’s a deranged wackjob. Sorry, but his simply can’t be sugarcoated.
So this is what puzzles me, since when did us heterosexuals get such a great rap? I mean, the majority of violent crimes against women are by heterosexual men; straight men relentlessly cheat on their spouses (yes, Bachmann, even in your utopian neighborhood), they abuse their children, hit their wives, drink, smoke, do drugs, and fill our prisons in hideous numbers. And yet, homosexuals are painted as the abnormal deviants that need fixing? Not to mention, has Shelly – as I like to call her – looked at the divorce rate lately? In fact, has anyone opposed to gay marriage looked at the divorce rate. In sobering terms, it’s pathetic. We straights of the world certainly can’t get it right, so why are we the paradigm of the perfect marriage? We suck at it. Let’s move on and give someone else a chance.
I don’t know about you, but if I was homosexual I would be good and tired of listening to this whole tired debate. How would the straight folk of the world feel if they were constantly told they needed ‘curing.’ In fact, maybe it’s far time the homosexual community stand up, hit the political trail and start pointing out all the ways us straight idiots fall short of moral and appropriate behavior. In fact, I don’t think there are enough days in the year, or years in a life to cover all the immoral ground we manage to soil.
 So Michele, stop trying to cure people in the name of God. I have a feeling if God is up there he would tell you to start being a real ‘Christian’ and stop throwing stones, judging others and discriminating against your fellow human beings. And if that all fails, change yourself instead of trying to change others.

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