Tuesday 12 April 2011


I just sold something on eBay. I love eBay, it’s like a glorified garage sale without having to wake up at 6 a.m and deal with the fray. And to those of us out there that love ridding themselves of stuff for money (to only acquire new stuff, on eBay of course) well, what could be better.

And as any good eBayer out there knows, there is a definitive etiquette to the process, not to mention skill. Trust me, I’m still learning. I have several eBay tutors whom I call upon to ask them the best way to make my old junk look like desirable junk. And there is a trick to that, let me tell you. Apparently it’s all in the photo. My old dress lying on the back of a chair with cat hair on it (I don’t have a cat; I’m a writer, it’s for effect), not so enticing. My old dress on a mannequin with a cute little belt, SOLD (I don’t have a mannequin either. Headless bodies scare me).

There is also the amazing breadth of stuff one can find on eBay. Seriously, there is nothing you can’t find on there, it is downright alarming. Sometimes I search for things just to see if they’re out in the selling ether – a two headed dog candle? Yup. A baby throne for the King that lights up – for sure, in fact, they probably come in assorted colors and sizes. You name it, somewhere out there someone is selling it. And it's not all junk, in fact, I bought two pieces of furniture on there that get the most comments when one enters our house (good comments, not ones of fear). Of course I can't last two seconds without exclaiming, I found those on eBay! I'm like a freaking ad for the company. 

But of course, with eBay, you are still dealing with the general public which is never an easy thing; I still get worked up if people act like morons - which tends to happen often – you know the type that just don’t read the ad and ask you the same question repeatedly. Or the ones that bid and then change their minds when they win the item – blasphemy!! There is eBay police for that, don’t you worry.

By far, my favorite part of the eBay experience is watching people hotly bidding over my used stuff; it’s almost perverse. People are bidding on shoes I’ve worn when there are millions of stores out there with perfectly unworn shoes in them.  What is wrong with them?? My partner thinks I’m a bit nuts as I will walk around the house for days telling him what my item is currently going for – he clearly does not find it as riveting as I do.

However, as any eBay user can attest, the entire process can become addictive. You start looking around your house at things with that glint in your eye and the question dancing through your skull, 'I wonder how much I could get for that??' Trust me, even the King has caught me staring at him oddly from time to time.  That little meatball would fetch an absolute bomb (I kid I kid).

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