Friday 15 April 2011


A celebrity recently checked into a rehab facility for bipolar II disorder. By now her name is irrelevant, as I’m sure the poor woman does not need any more press regarding her delicate situation. One magazine amusingly called it, her ‘private struggle;’ Considering the world press is reporting on it, there is nothing private about it.

But this isn’t the part that I found so interesting, especially as these days, celebs are checking into facilities more often than five star hotels – aren’t they kind of the same thing, but one has better room service and 300 thread count sheets? And I'm not talking about the hotel.

What I found interesting was the description of bipolar II – a milder form of bipolar disorder. In short, it is described as a cycle of high and low moods, often several times a day, or as few as once a month, with episodes of depression.

Um, call me crazy, but by that description I’m thinking every human being walking on the planet has BPII; or without slandering my gender, at least every single female; especially if we are talking about a monthly shift in moods. Then again, every man during sports season could fit the bill as well. In fact, from the receptionist at my doctor’s surgery to the people working at the post office, there are a lot of serious candidates for treatment, especially in these economically anaemic times. And personally speaking, since the King’s arrival, without proper sleep, I’ve turned into a walking hi-low emotional spigot that doesn’t always operate from the rational side of things. Ah partner will happily attest to this. 

They say Bipolar II disorder is often triggered by stress & exhaustion....again, I don’t mean to beat a dead horse here (or a bipolar one) but what the heck isn’t? Take away sleep and put someone in an extreme pressure filled situation and you’re going to see a serious change in personality, or someone suddenly hugging a bottle of Jim Beam and a carton of smokes (or whatever your poison is). Now don’t get me wrong, I am NOT trivializing mental illness; there are some very serious afflictions out there that are very real. But sometimes I think as a society we are getting far too label happy wanting to diagnose every shift of emotion as some disorder or affliction, when it is is simply the vicissitudes of life that contribute to our emotions. Life is a bitch and she isn't always kind.

Then again, maybe I in fact do have a serious condition that I just don’t know about, such as…‘haveababyandtoomuchtodoontoolittlesleep’ disorder. Yeah, that's it. I think I need help. Lots of help. And time off. Yeah, time off in a facility preferably in Mexico on the beach that serves margaritas while someone rubs my feet and gives me facials all day. 

Sweetie, I’ll be back in a month, remember to change the King's diaper!

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