Monday 14 March 2011


It’s hard to write about anything this morning after watching the coverage of what has been going on in Japan. The devastation is so profound and heartbreaking it is almost too surreal to digest. And of course, because the media machine always must march forward, the absurdity of what is being reported in the news is glaring: one headline about another nuclear reactor under threat of exploding, towns having been washed away, the death toll and exposure to radiation mounting by the second; and of course, who got kicked off Dancing on Ice and how Kate Middleton is changing the face of fashion. I swear to you, one paper had them pretty much within inches of each other on the front page. The juxtaposition is enough to make one's head explode.

So I suppose I’m wondering at what point should there be a moratorium on pointless, stupid reporting, especially in light of events that are changing our world as we know it? Not to be totally macabre and depressing, because I do believe there should be a definitive balance in what is reported, but today it just feels very out of place. I don’t care who is shacking up with whom, or who lost weight or who cheated the government out of a thousand quid in benefits. At the moment, I am just trying to figure out how entire towns disappear and how to make sense of it. 

I was watching a show yesterday about religion in the face of natural disasters, and the guests were all fighting about (their) gods, or lack thereof, and how one could explain the place of religion in the face of so many losing their lives. In the midst of all the arguing, one man said something so lucid, which is rare on these shows. He said, it doesn't matter if you believe in a master plan, or if you don't believe, as most of it makes little sense. What matters is how humans react in the face of natural disasters and such atrocity. The sheer humanity that brings people together is what we should all be focusing on. I'll hang my hat on that sentiment for the moment.

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