Tuesday 23 November 2010


I thought in honor of Thanksgiving I would dedicate today’s blog to all the things for which I am thankful (this year’s lot anyway). Especially as living on this side of the pond (the English side), Thanksgiving passes through my life without a slice of turkey in sight. I blame sheer laziness on my part and the fact that if I did try to make a grand meal like most yanks do, I would either burn the house down or poison my partner and I. Hence, I shall let the rest of you celebrate in large culinary fashion while I fix myself a crumpet and a cup of tea. Saying that, here is my list for all that I am grateful for….

For starters, the no brainers…I am thankful for the King, the King’s rolly adorable thighs, his giggly little laugh, the lint that gets stuck in his toes when I take his socks off (it’s just so cute), and the smile that he emits any time I walk into the room; except of course when he’s pissed off, tired or hungry, and then he makes sure to remind me that smiles have to be earned.

I’m thankful for my partner and the fact that he is still around despite my four-month sojourn of no sleep that at times turned me into a raving lunatic. I’m also thankful that despite how much our lives have changed in recent months, we still find time to curl up on the sofa, watch our favorite crap TV, and countdown the days until Formula One starts again.

I’m thankful for sugar infused food that makes those of us that are running on sheer adrenaline able to function (somewhat). This of course includes chocolate, chocolate, and oh yeah, chocolate. Oh, and fat, fat is good too. In fact, chocolate covered fatty things are something to be thankful for as well.

I’m thankful for my sisters, their patience through all my new mother nervous breakdowns, and their consistency at picking up the phone when I call or email. They could ignore me, but they don’t. Thanks guys. I am thankful for my parents who have always loved and supported me and of course helped lay the foundation for what the King is experiencing now [so King, if you want to blame anyone when I am too strict, blame them].

I am thankful for my laptop. There are too many reasons why and I don’t think I need to explain how great they are. In fact, I spend more time with my laptop than anything that breathes – other than my son – so it is high up on the important list….then again, I could just be pathetic and need to leave the house more.

I am thankful for my son sleeping thru the night (ohhhh so thankful); for colored leaves; for decaf soy lattes; for my best friends that make this world a bit brighter, and god knows, a lot funnier; for good food, good films, and good music, and for the written word…especially the four letter ones. They’re just so much fun to say aren’t they? 

And most importantly, I’m thankful that I live far enough away from North and South Korea (play nice, it’s thanksgiving for god sakes). Oh…and I’m also thankful for the fact that everyone reads my ramblings. So…thank YOU.
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