Wednesday 20 October 2010


A 38-year-old male drug addict has become the first Briton to be given cash in return for a vasectomy. The man in question has been addicted to drugs since the mid nineties and said he was compelled to do it for the money. George Orwell is clearly in his grave laughing his prophetic *ss off. The man received 200 pounds (about 350 USD) in exchange for getting snipped as part of a very controversial project set up by a US based 'charity' (not sure how this is a charitable act, but hey that's me) called Project Prevention; a scheme started by a woman by the name of Barbara Harris. About 3,500 addicts in the States have been paid to give up their reproductive rights thus far. Apparently Babs – as I now affectionately call her – has come over to London to wander the streets in search of ‘volunteers.’ I use that term loosely as I’m thinking it sounds more like victims if you ask me.

The problem with this charity scheme – well there are a number of glaring problems, but we’ll start with the most obvious – is that one is catching these addicts at the worst, most vulnerable time in their lives and preying upon their need for a fix. Who is to say they won’t ultimately get it together and turn their life around? It happens. And when they do they’ll suddenly remember they gave up all opportunity to have children for the price of a handbag. And not even a Birkin bag mind you! How about paying them to get better? Or hell, if one must get involved in their sexual productivity, how about paying them to get on a contraception program. Okay, a bit more difficult to maintain (especially for the men), but not as ghastly in its permanence.

Barbara Harris claims that she is simply doing a service and tells her critics that if one doesn't like her methods, they should put their money where their mouth is, step up, and adopt a child of an addict. She did just that, and that is what inspired the charity project. I suppose I understand her frustration; there are a lot of children out there growing up in homes without love, support or the financial means to be taken care of because of their parents poor choices. But sterilizing those who have succumbed to the disease of addiction for money seems a bit dark. Actually, a lot dark. 

Fine, I admit that when I look around sometimes or watch the news, I can’t help myself from thinking 'that person should NOT have children.' You know, the usual suspects: serial killers, pedophiles, abusers…deadbeat dads, serial felons..people who live on fast food, smoke, watch reality television and love Paris Hilton…I kid I kid. 

I suppose the list could get fairly long.  But I’m not God, nor is Barbara Harris. 

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