Thursday 7 October 2010


Two architects in Philadelphia have come up with their solution to the housing shortage across America. They have designed pre-fabricated houses using farm grain dryers that resemble soup cans. Yes boys and girls, if you are very lucky, you and your family can live in a soup can. According to Mergold and Austin, the innovative architects in question, this can shaped structure is the icon of the American landscape. 

That just says it all about American architecture doesn’t it.

These fabulous tin dwellings can come in one or two stories and you can even have a green house on the roof, if you so desire. Isn’t it just sounding more and more tempting as I go along? Okay, I have to hand it to these two gentlemen to address the housing shortage. Gold star for at least trying, as so many people in the world could care less about those that cannot afford homes. But encouraging people to live in cans just sounds a bit, well, undesirable. Okay, let’s look at the positives, you could hose down the outside of the house very easily. So there is the clean factor, which I of course love. The echo inside could provide some interesting acoustics, so a plus if you’re a singer. Then again, the King (his lungs) and I trapped inside a can? That’s just cruel. Hmm, what else, you certainly would be the talk of the neighborhood, although I’m not sure it would be for all the right reasons. Then again, how much fun would it be to go to a bar and ask some dude (purely hypothetical of course) if he wanted to go back to your can?

All this said, since I was a child and an avid Smurfs watcher, I always wanted to live in a mushroom. It just looked so cozy and one with nature. Then again, the mold problem would be a b*tch to navigate; saying this, it couldn’t be any damper than living in England. I’ve gotten so used to seeing mold on the walls here, that I’m considering marketing a line of paint in a variety of mold-based colors. Not as innovative as living in a can, but I think pretty darn close.
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