Friday 1 October 2010


A man by the name of Howard Veal from Michigan has just been deemed the worst deadbeat dad in history. I’m sure his mother is so proud. According to court reports he has fathered 23 children with fourteen different women and has failed to pay roughly a half million dollars in child support. Apparently, during the years 1989-1999 he impregnated a woman every year. Seriously, someone should’ve taken this man’s hoo-haa and tied it in a knot!

When he was arrested and finally sentenced up to 48 months in jail – why it took this long and this many unsupported children for them to finally do something is beyond me – he was living with his current girlfriend and mother of their four children. And of course, not paying for them either.

Veal has said that he has paid what he could over the years but has been hit by hard times and is out of work. Okay, in his defense, times are tough, I feel for those who can’t find work. But this of course begs the question, why on earth are you firing your seed all over Michigan if you can’t put food on your own table? Of course I know the answer to this: stupidity coupled with outright selfishness. You have to love the human race when we live up to our potential.

An opinion piece on the Kalamazoo Gazette website spoke to the fact that putting him in jail doesn’t solve much. I have to say as much as I would like this moron to be punished in some fashion, sadly putting him behind bars at the expense of the taxpayers does not put food in the 23 kid’s mouths. It just takes money from the wrong individuals. I’m thinking it is long past time we come up with a better punishment for deadbeat fathers. How about a work release program where they are helped to find a job and put to work every second of the day they are not sleeping? Or, what about a registry or cyber noticeboard for deadbeats? Kind of like a sex offenders list, where certain seed spouting individuals are deemed hyper irresponsible procreators. That way, when you meet a man, and you have your suspicions about his responsibility quotient, you can check this handy list and see if Casanova has been trying to create his own genetic football league.

Sadly the screening process to meet a man is becoming harder and harder with gems like this out there – although saying this, some women are atrociously bad at noticing the big RED FLAGS thrown their way. I suppose the days of a man being simply a commitment phobe make what some women are up against now look like child’s play. Now the checklist reads like a grocery list of serious hazards. I can hear the first date now: “Do you have any diseases? Committed any crimes? Do you have a mommy complex? Are you employed? Oh, sorry almost forgot, have you fathered 23 children and failed to pay for them?”

Suddenly arranged marriages where people are seriously vetted for their potential and suitability do not sound so the way, honey, the King is your only child, right?
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