Tuesday 19 October 2010


Amanda Knox – of the Meredith Kercher murder infamy – has been giving an interview from prison for a new book about her life behind bars. It’s aptly titled “Take Me With You – Talks With Amanda Knox in Prison.” I wasn’t aware there was such a demand for such a book, or need for that matter, but I suppose someone will find a way to make money from just about any situation. And where exactly does she want to go? Home with us? Sorry, luv. No room in the car.

In the interview she claims she does not like being famous for murder, as she finds it 'ugly.' Wow, the term understatement springs to mind. I’m thinking if Miss Foxy Knoxy – as she is termed by some – thinks murder is just ugly, I’d love to see how she describes genocide? Unfortunate?? She goes on to expound that she’s not famous, you know, like Angelina Jolie – she’d need a troop of children and no rap sheet – and she wishes she could’ve become famous for something she achieved; I suppose she should’ve thought of that before gruesomely murdering someone; a depraved achievement at best.

And of course, the interview gets more surreal when Ms. Knox shares that she hopes to marry and adopt children one day. I’m thinking she may have a hard time getting through the adoption screening process with a past like hers.

“Ms. Knox, would you consider yourself a good candidate to be a parent?” “Well, outside of stabbing someone multiple times, I think I have a wonderful way with people, and I am a very patient person. Oh, and I learned to knit in prison and have made the most adorable baby booties.” I can see the ‘no’ box getting a big fat check by the adoption agency administrator.

I suppose I’m wondering in what lifetime does she think she’s getting out of prison to have this idyllic life she’s conjured up for herself? I would hope she would be focusing on doing a bit more repenting, groveling, and soul searching behind bars - any sort of self reflective ‘ing,’ and less daydreaming about what color to paint the shutters on her new home with her adoptive children. But that's just me. 

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