Friday 10 September 2010


Let’s be honest, the majority of television shows, especially in America, is still not representative of our incredibly ethnic and diverse society. You have the sitcom with the token gay best friend, or the cop show that seems to always show the criminals as minorities or the ethnic extras that pepper a scene or cast to say, look we represent everyone. But in truth, the cast is usually predominantly white, straight and as American as apple pie [actually, the origin of apple pie goes back to the Dutch in the 1600’s, so we might want to amend that saying].

Although in the past few years, several shows have appeared with a more well-rounded representation of what is out in the world. One being a half hour sitcom in the states called Modern Family (for those of you that have not watched it, it’s hysterical). On this show, there are several couples - all connected by marriage and family - and each depict what it means to be a family in today's modern age. One of which is a gay married couple with an adoptive daughter from China. 

This of course brings up the issue that is bothering the Culture and Media Institute, a conservative watchdog group, which is that this sudden surge of gay characters on television is turning our airwaves ‘too gay.’ Seriously, I do not joke around with this stuff.  I guess the five or so shows with gay characters in the last three decades is too much for them. According to…well I’m not even going to mention his name and give him more airtime than he deserves, this man that works for the institute, having gay characters on television shows sends a bad message. To whom, I’m not sure. In short, this myopic bigot; sorry, gentleman, claims it is bad for society to see gay couples/marriages on television as viewers may think it is normal behavior. And we certainly couldn’t have that.

I do hope and pray that this man’s son turns around at sixteen and explains to his Dad that his best friend Cliff is oh so much more than that. That would force-feed him a dose of reality.

What I never seem to grasp when people start harping on about nonsense like this, is where do these people live exactly? I mean what is out their window, an Arian race of homogeneous looking robots? In my neighborhood, there is every ethnicity and sexual persuasion one could envision. And thank god for it. Isn’t it about time we show reality on our televisions and celebrate the fact that even though we are all different, it is our similarities that bind us together? I mean, the funniest thing about the couple on this show Modern Family is watching them raise their child and confront all the issues any parent faces.

Not only that, but if my son happens to turn to me one day and tell me he is gay, I would hope that by seeing homosexuals on TV or in film depicted as straight people are, i.e. normal functioning citizens of society that eat, drink and put their pants/trousers on one leg at a time, it would help him feel accepted and not so alone in the world. Hopefully one day soon we won’t even be talking about stuff like this, cause TV will truly reflect our society and everyone will realize that ‘normal’ needs a major definition overhaul.

I'm off to the park to take the King to play with Randy and Cliff's sons Harry and Barry. Cause that's how we roll in this neighborhood.

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