Friday 2 July 2010


I liked Lethal Weapon. I thought it was fun, kind of zippy saccharine entertainment, and at the time I remember thinking, gosh, that Mel Gibson is pretty cute, looks good in his Levis and is not a bad actor. This was years ago mind you, when clearly I didn’t know any better. But in the last ten years or so, old Mel has taken a turn for the worse – or shall we say that he has simply revealed his true colors with the help of an entire distillery behind him. And this morning upon waking I found myself seriously DISturbed by his latest gutter mouthed rant – okay, it's yet to be 100% confirmed but considering his past, I’m going to say it doesn’t look good for him - Damn you Mel, I haven’t even had my decaf coffee yet!

So Mel - if you’re out there reading the internet late at night muttering ‘sugart-its’ under your breath as you hurl darts at your ex’s photo as you swill on a bottle of gasoline - um, your mouth needs a SERIOUS seeing to.  If one is confused as to what I’m talking about, just put in 'Mel Gibson, racist rant' in your browser, and then hold onto your hat. The man drops more offensive racial/misogynist epithets then an anti-feminist KKK leader hopped up on violent porn.

I mean seriously MG, get a grip, weren’t you supposed to be a religious, god-fearing man (sorry, but I’m laughing as you know how I feel about that)? And of course, that leads me to one of my many gripes against institutionalized religion. Here is a man who takes the word of the bible literally, I mean every sodding word. He rants in interviews about how his ex wife of a million years – how she stayed with him is beyond me - won’t go to heaven cause she doesn’t believe like he does; he makes movies about his faith, and he builds multi-million dollar churches. Fine, that’s his prerogative, what a stand-up guy. But then on the flip side this individual is so filled with hate and bigotry, as many religious zealots are – does it say Jews, blacks, and women are worthy of scathing hate fueled attacks in the bible?? I must have missed that bit -  and YET, he’s a Christian! I think they need to strip him of his stripes if you ask me.

In fact, I think Mel needs to walk on down to his local playground, grab a bench, and take a long hard look and listen to the children there. And this goes for everyone. Cause it is far time adults take a page from their books and let them lead by example. Kids don’t see color (unless they’re taught to) or religion, or let such petty B.S. define them or whom they associate with. They play, they laugh, and they get on the swings and make friends with a whole host of other kids led by a pure heart. They gravitate towards joy and fun and that is the way it should be. The saddest part of all is that as they age, and society gets a hold of them – or often their parents themselves - they then learn bias, and ignorance, and see differences as boundaries and things to fear, not embrace or simply let be. And of course, if they become scathing drunks like Mr. Gibson, then that just unleashes a whole other set of problems.

So it’s a sad screwed up world at times, but I refuse to let it bring me down damn it, I’m taking my sugar tits (sorry, I just love the phrase) down to my local coffee shop, ordering my ice latte and then grabbing a swing [that will take my weight] at the playground nearby. Might as well start this morning off right. Suck on that, Mel!

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