Wednesday 16 June 2010


I thought today I’d do a blogging potluck, if you will. No general theme here, just random delights and disturbances as per usual. Onward we go….

The British government announced yesterday that with the release of a damning report in regards to the 1972 Sunday Bloody Sunday Massacre, they were – after 37 years – placing blame entirely on the British soldiers who shot and killed 14 unarmed protestors in Northern Ireland on that day. So, let get me this straight, cause this one is taking awhile to sink in….after over three decades and 280 million dollars (!!) (how much the inquest into this contentious event over the last 12 years cost) they finally realized that shooting people who were not in possession of guns was a no-no? How about they needed 37 years to let things die down so they didn’t come off like trigger happy A-holes. And why does it take 12 years to figure out that anyone holding a gun, against people who have no guns is an unfair advantage? Even my one-year old nephew could work this one out. I’d say in this case it’s definitely a little too late, especially as the poor parents of those that were murdered are most likely six feet under ground. I’d like to see that heartfelt apology take place. Ah yes, the frightening and unyielding power of the State – if they want something hidden or buried, trust me it will forever stay that way – until of course a new leader comes in and wants to issue a mea culpa on behalf of his naughty former contemporaries so he may come off looking thoughtful and sympathetic. Sorry, my cynicism is showing through this morning.

Onto to the World Cup, cause well, Tis the season! North Korea played last night against Brazil - as I'm sure most of you know. It is the first time in 44 years the North Koreans have been in the tournament - 44  years!! I of course immediately decided that I was routing for the underdogs. To hell with Brazil, they have enough trophies. So during the anthem, Jong Tae Se, one of the top Korean players, was crying so hard from sheer emotion I thought he was going to lose it. Of course, me the wet noodle that I am, began weeping right along with him. His teammates on the other hand didn’t seem as moved, and you know the poor guy got a serious beat down in the locker room for showing too much emotion. I say let the river flow buddy, show that emotion, now is certainly a glorious time for it. This is what I love about global sports, the world comes together and everyone forgets about recessions, natural disasters etc, or the teensy little fact that one’s own government (ahem, North Korea) just threatened war against another. Seriously Jackasses in power, can’t this wait till after the first round, the people of your country just want to watch some football!

And for the final installment of the day, a man in West Hartford CT got his arm trapped in furnace boiler in his basement when he was trying to fix it – [note to self, DO NOT do your own home improvements you suck at it and you like your arms]. After screaming for help for 12 hours and realizing he was losing his arm and soon to be dead from dehydration, what did he do?? Well he thought to himself, ‘what would MacGuyver do in this circumstance?’ Genius. Apparently MacGuyver would cut off his own arm to save his life, and is what this man decided was the only course of action. It turned out to save his life actually (sadly, I think old Mac would’ve demanded the director call cut and ask for a sandwich and a make-up retouch)….and they say TV rots your brain, ha!

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