Thursday 29 April 2010


A voter in East London remarked last week that political correctness was preventing politicians from saying more. “Anyone that says anything about anyone that's not from this country is considered a racist.” [When it comes to the general public, I think one does just fine when it comes to lambasting their fellow human beings].

And yet, Gordon Brown was far from politically correct when he stepped in it BIG time yesterday. However, on the contrary he simply branded one of his own countrymen a racist by calling an elderly woman a bigot (sorry I have to stop as I’m laughing so hard). Is it only me, but I wish that politicians could actually say what they really think more often. Maybe then we could actually get to the root of things instead of dancing around everything with this polite sugary vernacular that we all know is bullshit.

I think people are simply bored of the lip service from their politicians  and don't buy it anymore. Consider this, if they all did it - put down the PC jargon and simply called it how they saw it - then one couldn’t be branded any less savory than the other. Could you imagine, the amusement that could be had from their actual true thoughts on the issues?...“I am raising taxes cause I’m bitter that I’m not as wealthy as some of my constituents.” “I’m not raising taxes cause my dad is loaded and damn it I want as much as I can get cause the wife loves to shop.” “I say we build a fence around England, cause gosh darn it, I just don’t like brown people.” “I don’t give a toss about the environment cause war and capitalism makes much more money.” “Yeah, I slept with my intern. A man needs to let off some steam once in awhile, so what!” And so on, you get the idea.

I figure instead of repelling voters, it will simply bring out the true nature of everyone. The bigots will align with the bigots; the planet haters will find their likeminded brothers and sisters; and those that could give a hoot about their leader’s personal lives will have company too. Why not talk about the elephant in the room, it’s there and it’s obese at this point!

I can’t tell you how fast I would’ve voted for a leader in the past if I heard a politician actually speak without all the editing; then again, I’m a tell it like it is kind of girl. It might even have made me respect George Bush more if he actually came clean and said, “okay screw it, invading Iraq was a total sham, but do you know how much money it made me? It was just smart economics.” Okay, nothing would’ve made me respect him, but it couldn’t have hurt.

Or how about the real kicker, how about a  politician who actually says who he IS, not who his voters are. Couldn't you just hear it: “I’m Johnny Hoo-haw and I think institutionalized religion is a farce, I could care less if gays marry, and I’m smart enough not to tell my wife what to do when it comes to her body. But hey, that’s just me; the rest of you feel free to do what you have to do to get through the day. I'll still lower your taxes and try to keep the economy from falling through the floor.” 

I mourn when people tell me a candidate has to be religious cause the country is. What about if it’s simply a big fat lie and his idea of going to church is up there with a triple root canal and a plate of lima beans. Wouldn’t we want our leader to be honest and capable, rather than be a big fat phoney? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want my leader to support this or that because of lobbyists and his core group will turn against him and they’re the most powerful.

I suppose it comes down to the fact that whomever gets elected means very little (it's true people, no one man is going to change the world, so LET GO of the pipe dream). It comes down to the government and how well they can function together. And in truth, none of us truly know who we are voting for anyway – Brown could be an Abba loving, cross-dressing, lush as far as we know. I say, break out the Manolo Blahniks, Gordon, and swig on that whisky. It might even bring up your numbers.
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