Saturday 3 April 2010


Easter is a funny thing....well for me anyway. Every year, I have to be honest, I can never work out when exactly it is. Maybe it has got something to do with the fact that I'm so eager for spring, March blurs into April and I really don't care what date it is, as long as the sun is out. [I live in a climate with actual seasons, these things matter]. The other more pressing factor could be that I am about as agnostic as it gets (I've decided the goddess of nature is the closest thing to getting my vote these days. With no clear cut tenets to follow aside from 'please treat me with respect.' That I can get down with). There I said it. I feel some of you shrinking away quietly whispering 'heathen' under your breath. [Mom, I hear you]. 

It is definitely not something I am shy about. In fact, on the contrary, on most days I want to shout it from the rooftops, "I don't believe in institutionalized religion of any sort, and for the most part, I believe it has caused MANY more problems that it has solved!" But common sense has thankfully - and finally - kicked in at this age, and I know there are certain topics that one just is better off staying away from: politics, abortion, religion, to name a few. However, sometimes my restraint fails me, and I end up in some heated debate with someone who usually has a lot of passion - which I always appreciate - but not a lot of knowledge to back it up. I especially find this when it comes to politics ("seriously, you belong to a party you really know nothing about? fascinating"). 

Anyway, I digress. For me, Easter becomes about the long weekend, an egg here or there, and of course, the most important contribution: chocolate. If there is anything worth praying to or worshipping it is this. It gives back to you. It makes one a nicer, happier person: it makes you smile, share, swoon, and often think, gosh, this world is not such a bad place. I haven't come across too many things I can say that about. So while the rest of you fight it out over whose god is supreme and who is going up or down, and for what reason - oh the reasons are always the most amusing part - I will sit back, break off another piece of Green and Blacks, and suggest you highly consider walking the path of cocoa. Happy Easter.
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