Monday 5 April 2010


I saw an excerpt from Larry King the other night about the raging debate in regards to men and their cheating habits. In short, are they hardwired to do so? It’s hard not to be amused by this latest rash (pun intended of course) of men getting exposed by their ‘upstanding’ mistresses – seriously, the fact that you guys expect fidelity from these women in light of your joint infidelity is excruciatingly hysterical and ironic.

On some level I can step back and say yes, men and women are hardwired very differently. We know this by now, just live with one. They’re inherently hunters, not big on empathy, compassion (there are exceptions of course) or being able to do more than one thing at a time. But give them an objective, esp. one that is biological to their very being, ie. “sewing their seed,” well then apparently they can do this without batting an eye. In fact, they can do this with such gusto and furtive manipulation, it leads me to wonder if they can indeed multi-task after all, they just pretend that in the home, listening to you and drinking a mere glass of water takes far too much energy for them. “Honey, can’t you see I’m drinking a glass of water?”

And it’s not like on some level I don’t understand infidelity. We’ve all been there at one point - in my case I’m blaming my youth - when choice A seemed more appealing the choice B, especially as B is the one we now see sitting in their underwear on our furniture. But we soon learn that cheating lands us in a huge emotional and physical quagmire that results in only one thing, a HEADACHE. And to be honest, you could’ve gotten that at home with your partner.

How about… if you decide to commit to one person, don’t cheat? How’s that for simplicity. Make a choice; abstain like the rest of us and save yourself the hassle of self imposed career exiles, loss of income and reputation, sex rehab and huge payoffs that result in your overall bank balance suffering a monstrous hit. Your other choice, do what George Clooney and other self appointed bachelors do, be a bachelor. Own it. Do it, change one in every year like it’s a new car. Hell, drive three cars at once. It doesn’t matter when you have no one to answer to.

Most importantly, if any of these men, famous or not, are dumb enough to think that they can STILL have it all, the whore and the bride, all they have to do is open the newspaper to see that it’s not the case anymore. Sorry boys. In this day and age, infidelity ain’t as easy as it used to be.
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